A little progress

We uploaded Last Wood as a simple game jam program last week. And the recent 7 days were magical:  we received lots of feed back /video/purchase  from your guys. We really appreciate your support. And this made us more determined to expand and polish this idea.

It's obvious the jam version was buggy, so we hurried up to make this  bug-fixed(less buggy) version. 

Here's what have changed :

  • Improved feeding experience! You don't need click on a campfire to feed your people, they will eat lemon whenever they feel hungry.
  • New food! You can't eat raw fish, but you can make roasted fish on a campfire with fish and lemon.
  • Baby will grow up! All you need is a little bit patient. 
  • Kick shark's Ass! You can defend yourself now.
  • You can press R to replay.
  • BGM added.
  • Improved UI element.
  • Lots of bugs fixed.
  • Win(32/64), Mac,Web supported
  • 1 wallpaper

And things we're planning to add:

  • The process of making  baby.
  • Repairing your raft.
  • Building experience improving.
  • More items, more blueprint.
  • Realistic item system.
  • Random event.
  • Resource spot.


We uploaded a bug fixed patch(0.1.2) just now.

  • Fixed an issue causing survivals to ignore works in the queue.(thanks to @CynikalSnail)
  • Fixed a freak bug happened when survivals attacked the shark.(thanks to @CynikalSnail)


LastWood_0.1.3_win32.zip 35 MB
Jul 23, 2017
LastWood_0.1.3_win64.zip 37 MB
Jul 23, 2017
LastWood_0.1.3_web.zip 26 MB
Jul 23, 2017
LastWood_0.1.3_Mac.zip 40 MB
Jul 23, 2017

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I love the game a ton but there keeps being a million sharks and seagulls and they just WON'T GO AWAY. I had been playing the game for under thirty minutes and by then, there was ten sharks and ten seagulls eating at my raft at a time.


Sounds weird! Were you playing ver.0.4.2?

Deleted 3 years ago

Sorry about that, we'll fix this in the next update.

Loving the game.  My players got glitched a couple of times when one of them fell in the water, usually it was the female after attacking a shark.  If she made it out of the water (not sure how) both players remained buggy.  They seemed to loop in  the fighting action.

Update improved a lot of things! Still had a couple of bugs: Never had more than 2 children born, things that were in queue to be build stayed in queue, and when the female attacked the shark she would just stand in that spot and die.

Thanks for your support! And sorry about these bugs. :(

I tried several times and failed to come into the first bug you mentioned. Conditions of making a baby is straightforward ---- when you got 5 or more food(kebab icon represents),  you will make a baby. And there is no limit on number of babies.

As for the other two bugs, we uploaded a bug fix build just now.

Have a good time. :D