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First bug-fixed version had been updated!


You're the last couple on earth. Floating on the ocean  with nothing but a  lemon tree.


Last Wood is a craft & survival manager made in a 48hour game jam. Where you can craft and build your home, gather food, or even produce the next generation.


Left Click On Buildings:Assign Task / Cancel Task

Left Click On Menu Button:  Select BluePrint

Right Click When Building: Unselect BluePrint

R: Replay

Last Wood is still a demo but we'll continually expanding it. We'll post devlogs through the process. We're appreciated for any suggestion/comment/video.


Our first update devlog: https://just-us.itch.io/last-wood/devlog/5591/a-little-progress

More information

Published 7 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
TagsCrafting, Management, Survival


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Development log


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When I tried to open it, it says failed to load mono. I even tried the 32bit version but still doesnt work :/


This game was a lot of fun, can't wait for more updates to come!

Failed to load mono. C++  reinstall does not work i have tried everything.

Sorry about that. We'll release a win32 version this Sunday. Hopefully that would help.

Baxíku :P Dobré video. Ale chcel by som sa ťa spýtať, keď si potom stiahol tú 32bitovú verziu tak ti to už išlo lebo mne to stále píše Failed to load mono. :///////////////



It's a really cute game and I enjoy playing it! I do have a few questions, though: 

  • Do the children show up at random or do you have to do something for them to spawn? 
    • I have one child, but I don't know how he got there.
  • Do children ever grow up?
  • Can you eat fish?
    • It says I have 14/5 fish, but my people don't eat them or anything.
  • Are my people supposed to die shortly after I make them fish?
    • I make them sit at the fishing rod which is one space away from a camp fire, but if I leave them there too long, they lose hearts and die within 30 seconds. Is that a problem?
  • Is there any way to stop the shark from taking a piece of the raft?

Thank you for your reply!

---------------[spoiler alert]--------------------

And answers:

  • Children show up when you have enough food. We plan to add a process so it won't seems so odd.
  • Currently baby won't grow up but we'll add this feature in 1~2 update.
  • You can eat fish, but not until you finish your lemons. It's not a really good design, we'll try to find a  better solution.
  • This is a bug. We'll fix it on Sunday's release.
  • We didn't have the time to make the fighting part, but we plan to add it in the following update.

I did some what enjoy but currently a lot of bugs. I hope to see more content and a less buggy version so I can play more of it!

Thank your for your video and reply. The BGM was great. Sorry about the bad experience. We'll release a bug-fixed version soon and try to add more content every 2 weeks.

can you build it again in 32bit pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Of course, we'll add a 32bit version on Sunday's update!

This is still buggy and not there is not really much content, but this seems like a very cool idea and once it is fleshed out and polished a little I can see this being really popular.


Thank you for your reply and support ! :D

This is still a jam version, and we decided to keep working on it. A bug-fixed version will be released on Sunday. And we'll try to add more content every 2 weeks.

This is the kind of game I could easily sink $5-$10 into if I knew they we're going to keep expanding. Was this just a game for Game Jam or will there be future updates? I will totally keep doing playthroughs of this game if more items are added. I love the concept though, once the babies actually grow up and you can start a small civilization I can see it turning into the next Rimworld or Dwarf Fortress (my baby stayed a baby the whole time I played, perhaps I was just impatient), espicially if you could eventually auto assign people to tasks. Thank you so much for making the game, I really hope there's more!

Thank you for your video and support! Had a lot of fun watching it. Staring a civilization with nothing was a core goal we firstly make this demo and we're glad you get it.(Although we didn't have the time to finishing the baby growing part.)

And we do intend to keep expanding this game. Currently, we plan to make a release  every 2 weeks. Hope that we could meet your expectation.

Omg thank you for replying! Is there any way you could start an email list for updates? That way I could check back in any time there's something major!

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can I get quite cute little wallpaper of the two characters sitting on a raft with a tree, a fishing rod and a camp fire with your pretty ocean! xD

Of coufse! We'll add it to the download before this Sunday.

I would pay $10 for a game like this (if it was put on steam), it's a really cool concept! I love it, if there was more to the game perhaps like tad bits of lore or treasure finding while fishing would be neat, although I can't play it (Mac user, tsk, tsk, I know) I love the game, the concept and I'd attempt to support all the way!

Thanks for your reply and support!!

Sincerely sorry for absence of the mac build :( .

In fact, we tried a mac build last weekend.But we came across some deadly troubles in it.

To be honest, We're engaged in fixing bugs, and will add more features in the coming builds.

A bug-fix version(including platforms: web/win/mac) will come soon(not later than this Sunday). 

So far, I have lemons and wood, cant feed the two survivors nor will they eat by themselves with the available food, I can only get so far before they just die of starvation, not to mention their health depletes rather fast.

You actually need to build something in order to feed them. The current design is a bit odd, we admit. We'll try to make the feeding part more easy to understand.

Thank you for your reply!

Actually they would starve even after i've build a foundation, lemon tree, fishing rod, or a firepit regardless. At one point my cursor did turn into a lemon but when I clicked it did nothing.

Very nice concept. Reminds me of Sims ^^

But, it is VERY buggy. I had the same bug twice already. Out of nowhere, I can't do anything anymore. I can not destroy the tree nor can I build anything (while I had 300 woods).

The only thing I could do, was to let them go or stop them from  fishing and cooking.

Sorry for the bad experience. :( 

We haven't found this bug yet, but we'll run more test and try to fix it in the next update.

Anyway, thank you for your reply!

Thank's for replying, too!

I had it again. Sometimes when I build new raft parts, there will be a green box on top of it and will stay there. After a while, I can't cut trees anymore.

Deleted post

Thank you for your video! The thumbnail killed me and we had a really fun time watching it. 

You've metioned that you can't see character's health behind the trees. We'll try to fix it by reorganize the UI layer or add a camera rotaion feature later on. 

We are glad that refer us as"the new raft game", we hope we could meet your expectation. :D 

All in all, thank your for your support!

Deleted post
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A simple game but worked very well, had a few glitches here and there but didn't stop me much, haha.  If I see this on the gamejolt website I will support it there too.  5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

why did you call it minecraft its not at all like minecraft....

Its no thats true, but it is in a similar style, so i will change the name

thumbs up

Thank you for the video and support! We add the game on gamejolt and we saw your reply. We'll continually update the game, hope you'll like it.

i have a glitch that when i select something to build i can't unselect

right click works for me to unselect

Can someone tell me how to get this to work it won't it gives me an error message

Could you please send us the scrennshot or any clue? Our email address is:  JustUsGameLab@gmail.com

lemon party...


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I love the game, but could there be a short tutorial, it took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to feed them. And also how do I make the baby grow up?

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I also just had a glitch where the woman walked super slowly when I assighned her a task, she would also slide around super fast while she is completing the task

Tutorial is necessary, but we will add it in a more compelete version, since we are focusing on core gameplay right now.

As for the baby, we didn't add growing up feature yet(sorry about that), but we do intend to add baby rasing later on.

We havn't found the glitch you described. What's the task you were assigning? Fishing?  We'll be appreciated if you could tell us more detail.

Thanks for your reply and suggestion!

is this game free

you only have to pay if you want to

I can only get about 6 squares before it doesn't let me build more..  I made trees..chopped em down and have a ton of wood, lemons, a fire, a fishing pole and now it won't let me add more raft.  Also, what is the glowing green box above the raft for?  looks like it's to make a building?

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Thanks for your reply! 

There was something wrong when we published this itch-version. And it's too late for us to find it that there are problems with GUI represents resources(especially build tool buttons). So I guess it is because your lack of wood so you can't build more squares. 

And Yes, the green box above the raft means the blueprint of a building.

Really nice looking game. its well done for 48 hours and it plays pretty good. 

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Thank you for your reply! Really love your video, it was really funny! We almost laugh form start to end. 

Cleary there're many bugs we haven't realize. We'll fix those bug you found ASAP. :D

As for the back ground music, I almost  bursted into tears when you said "it was like a air conditioner in my earphone". Sorry for the bad experience, we'll try to add better BGM in the next update.

You've metioned that maybe putting fishing rod on the shoal will increase fishing speed. We actually haven't add that feature but that sounds really cool. We'll try to add some resource spot later on.

 And again, thanks for your video and reply!

I liked the game. thank you for making it. i felt like the art style and simplicity would make for a good app game. looks great so far.


Cool idea, inspired by Raft? The camera can move around quite fast, easy to get lost on the map, maybe a minimap would be helpful.

Yeah, we're inspired by Raft. :D

But we intend to lay more emphasis  on manager experience. As for the camera problem, minimap sounds good, we'll try to add it in the following update.

All in all, thanks for you replay!