Version 4: "Hunt & Harvest"

Fully armed survivor

Fully armed survivor

Greetings, survivors! Here're the new stuff coming in Version 4:

  • Weapons: Make spear / bow / arrow to hunt down sharks and seagulls.
  • Harvest prey: Dead sharks and seagulls can be harvest for flesh and boned.
  • Better balance: Sharks and seagulls will attack less freqently but in larger quantity.
  • Diffculty Options: You can choose from 4 different diffculty levels.
  • Harvest lemons:You can harvest lemons rather than cut down the whole tree.
  • Field: Seagulls may drop seed. Using seed to plant pricise corps.
  • Moss: When raining, moss will grow on your rafts. They will occupied your valuble land recourse. But you can harvest moss to make cloth. 
  • Body Protections: Craft clothes and armor to pretection yoru survivors.
  • Raft protections: You can build spike walls to damge attaking sharks. 
  • Big Stroage : Larger crated, more space.
  • Water filter: Made with wood and clothes, you can pour in sea water to desalination.
  • Mat: Cheaper than hammock, but less durable.
  • Drop piles: You can drop items you don't need.
  • Self-healing Save & Load: If you come across with some obstructive bug, try save and load. The bug might fix itself.
  • Improved UI.

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Nov 28, 2017

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i am really exited to start playing but i dont know where the start or play button is.

What does it mean?

Shark market

Since the developers of Raft abandoned the Mac version, I was happy to try this out. Very nice job! If the crafting queuing/canceling was fixed, I'd be happy playing this just as it is.

How do i build floor on the second level on my base? (i have built a ladder and support but i cant build on second level)

Never mind, its Tab

Not obvious.

We'ill fix it.

Hello, i recently started playing this game and i have a question, is there any way to stop cooking a recipe because i have accidentally cooked something but didnt have enough recipe and my camp fire was unusable.. please tell if there is a way


Sorry, current version doesn't support canceling. But in developing version we've add this feature already.

thanks i will be waiting

witch version is the last yu have to many downloads can get out of it witch one to instal for the last version

(1 edit)

0.4.2 is the latest version. We've remove the old versions on the main page.

If you guys would fix the background music volume slider so we dont have to mute the pc, it would be great! :D

Sorry about that. We'll fix it in the next update.


i've bought last wood and i'm playing the last version, the 4.2. . Now i´m getting very lag i can't even do zoom. Is this normal?

Sorry about the lagging. We are still working on performance optimization. Things will get better in next release.

this is how i make bone in this game all you do is make a area were you have hammocks or anything to sleep a water purifier and a barrel or just a rain collecter  and a fishing area make co-bobs put them in a crate and after a while when you have a lot of people just pick them off and collect the bone 

That's great! I am so pumped for this game, I am always happy to see news!

how you make new surviviors?

To make survivors ready to raise babies, besides enough food and surviving space, they must have enough spare time( not assigned to any work).

How to get bones i have been stuck on this question for a couple of hours now i am a newbie sorry

You can get bones form harvesting dead shark or dead survivors.

This game is interesting, and it's going very well! It's enjoyable enough to make you play it by some hours, understanding how everything works. Two little persons can do a lot in that "island", there you don't get some status bars or something like that, and that makes you have your resources prepared for when your characters are hungry/thirsty/tired, it makes these situations feel more natural, human-like. It's fun how you have to drink lemons to not be thirsty, without even having sugar, lol.

I like a lot your game, I love survival games! But, there are things to fix and to do there, you know. In my case it was a bit laggy (by my computer capabilities, I guess) and the scaling was looking something weird too in some assets. The game opens in windowed mode, I would like to know if the game can go fullscreen, because my screen resolution is small for the game: 1024x600. Also, the resources icons are a bit weird (maybe how it scales on my screen makes them look weird) but they should have a name tag or something related (when hovering the mouse above of one of them), I didn't identify some things easily.

I would like to see more progress from this game, keep it on! I'll be looking for your progress!

Thanks :D

Precious feedbacks.

UI resolutions currently lack of our consideration, actually. And it will be refined in the further version.

I'm not sure how to use the water filter.

Maybe you need to craft a barrel at workbench first.

I play on a laptop that does not have a num pad/num pad option. It would be good if you could add an alternative way to access other floors. It would also be good to have an option to view all controls. I really enjoy the game nevertheless! :)


Try using the "Tab" Key.


We'll add a mouse click feature to fix that. As for the option, it sound necessary, we'll try to add in follwing updates.


TO THE MAKERS you need to make it  multiplayer!

Actually, we have not made it clear that how multiplayer mode improves the gameplay.

Hello, I have just given your game a try after seeing Paul Soares Jr's YouTube video of it. I'm really enjoying it and quickly lost track of time! Here are a few of my observations:

On my first try, I found that some of my buildings were not working. I believe it was because I had blocked them with other buildings. On my second try I spaced them out more and everything went more smoothly. I would suggest somehow displaying on the blueprint what direction it is accessed by, so we can know to rotate and position them better.

I managed to get a pretty big raft going and started building up a second floor. I found it fairly limiting with the pillars only supporting 5 tiles above them. As it is, it would take quite a few staggered pillars to support a second floor, and by that time you've already placed your other buildings on the bottom floor.  Deconstructing some things to make room is fine, but you'd have to deconstruct and rebuild quite a bit when you have to place so many support pillars. Also, is there currently a way to hide floors above your currently selected one? It very quickly becomes impossible to interact with anything on the bottom floor.

Finally, I think there should be a way to cancel a placed blueprint before it gets built. Several times I accidentally placed something facing the wrong way or I didn't realize I was missing some of the ingredients, and the blueprint was stuck there taking up space on my raft.

Anyways, I look forward to seeing the game develop further.

Thanks for your precious feedbacks!

Actually, it doesn't matter to block buildings with other buildings. So there must be other reasons that your buildings didn't work.

Number of pillars' supporting is just for test currently, maybe more types of pillars will be added into game in later versions.

As we posted in FAQ: 

Q: How to hide other floors when I just want to interact things on specific floor?

A: Press F10 to switch floor view mode. 

There are four modes: 

    • Show all floors
    • Show current floor only
    • Show higher floors(including current floor)
    •  Show lower floors(including current floor).

Right Click a blueprint waiting to be built to cancel it.

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