EA Dev Log #1

It's been a whole month since Last Wood launched EA. 

We have been updating Last Woody every day, tons of new stuff have been added in it! 

Let's have a quick walk-through.

1. Change limbs for crippled survivors.

Assume there is a crippled survivor, who might experienced a brutal fight, and lost his leg.

You can check his health status here:

Reserve an artificial leg for him, which could either be crafted on a Metal workbench.

Or bought one from a trader.

Select this poor guy, check the "Health" tab. 
Click on the lost limb, select a new one.

Wait for his partner to help him. Then he is full of vim and vigour again.

2. Schemas for equipments/limbs/diet

Configure equipment for survivors.

He/She will find a substitute of same type when the old one is corrupted.

Configure limbs for survivors.
The same as equipment schema.

Help your survivors have a balanced diet.
Right click on certain types of food to forbid a survivor to eat it.

3. Detailed priority settings

Configure priority settings to group by survivors.
You are a captain now, make a clear division of labours. All of the staff in a certain role have the same priority settings.

e.g, You are in charge of three cook and four hamals.

You want the 4 hamals not to do Clean work.
Select a hamal, right click on Clean to forbid it.

Click on the downward arrow button next to his job.
Enable edit and click apply button (tooltips are "Use current order to override this preset").

Then all of your hamals won't do Clean work anymore.

Also, you can customize new jobs.

4. Craft automation

Improved craft management.

Do a bill forever:

Do a bill keep the products at a certain number(global):

5. Four different modes.

In peaceful mode, 
it's much easier for survivors to keep their sanity. 
Also, they will encounter few threats. 
Throw yourself into a post-apocalyptic world and enjoy your vacation!

In adventure mode, 
you will find it easy to meet survivor's basic demands.
Enjoy exploring the world and fighting strangers and creature.

In survival mode, 
survivors will be in danger if you don't meet their basic demands. 
Also, combat is a bit easier than it is in adventure mode.

In challenge mode, 
survivors live in a real post-apocalyptic world surrounded by water. 
It's harder for survivors to keep their sanity. 
Also, they will face more threats.

6. Some other major improvements.

Improved AI for supply work
Survivors now supply things and neaten rafts more effectively.

Look at this mess on the ground.
But two survivors tidy it up in a few seconds!

Improved click interaction
Left click will help you find the nearest thing from camera.
Right click will show all the things you clicked on.

Endless generated world
No worry about reaching edges of the world and feel lonely anymore.

7. Many user-friendly utility tools.

Get out of stuck 
Look at this dude, he is stuck caused by some weird reason (when you come across this kind of issues, press F2 to tell us! It will help a lot).

Then do as follow:

He goes back to work!

Select utility
If you want to select things only on current floor, press Z to avoid hover things on other floors.

View structure utility
Press X to check internal structure of your rafts.

Sea Farmer utility
auto chop down / auto plant 
Toggle it on, survivors will chop grown trees down automatically, and plant things as you wish.

auto harvest 
Toggle it on, survivors will harvest the fruit automatically.

Piles utility
Hide all piles on the ground

Character utility
Press on the avatar image of a character to follow him/her, check what he/she is doing all the day!

Item utility
Click item on the item panel (left on the screen) to jump to where it exists.

e.g. you want to find where your glass is. click on it.

Builder utility
Repair all shortcut.
Click to mark all the rafts whose hp is less than 75% to be repaired.

Dive utility
You can check dive history now.

Copy-paste  utility
equipment schema / limbs schema  / diet schema  / priority settings schema  / storage settings schema 
All of these can be copied and pasted now.

Auto level up

Room panel select all / deselect all

Improved squad operation
Easier to guide survivors on islands.

8. New Contents!

New traders, buildings, equipment, items.

metal water tank / skull hammer / new cooked fish 

More challengeable enemies.

armed enemies on islands.

9. Lots of bug fix, optimization, balance work!

Besides all of these above.
More than 200 bugs have been fixed during this month (thanks to all of our community and store page reviews).

Dozens of performance improvement.

More than 100 balance work.

What do you guys want to see in Last Wood in the future? 
Comment below or chat with us on Discord: https://discord.gg/DjN6H5B
Email is also OK : justusgamelab@gmail.com

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