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Hi, survivors!

It's been a long time since last Dev log. We were busying adding content and polishing Last Wood. Since the game is about to launch in months. We think it's time to public our official Discord channel. If you haven't heard of Discord. It's a instant message tool we use to communication  with players and it don't require to register. 

In the Discord channel, you could give suggestions and ideas directly or chat anything about the game. We'll regularly upload art works, preview contents of the game and give out alpha test keys.


As for the game. We have finished most stuff we planned. Sailing, more craft & build,  character developments, island, dying, more creatures, UI improvement,  trade, mod, localization, and etc. Also, some sore spots like options for volume, full screen and ridiculous amount of bugs are fixed.

Currently, we are polishing on combat and world exploration. Also add some quest and guide for beginners.


Also, if you are not a fan of instant message, try our forum:

And our EA player survey:


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Hi, I have a concern to you. Stick with one platform or two, and be active there. Suggestion: and steam. The problem of making forum and other communities is future, you'll be able to maintain it for at least 20 years? And what will happen if only 1 visit happens by month? Hear it and avoid a lot of sadness.

Hey :) Devs are not alone :) There are lot of players to help them ! For example, I'm the Community Moderator and help about Discord and others things. We try to satisfy a lot of players, few like forums, other Discord, ... :) Discord is public from today, so it's new ! :)

Thanks for your advice!

So many platforms available for indie developers currently, it's a good news.