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cute little game!

ok actually, just tried to download and neither one worked im 99% sure that i need the win one but it dosnt show up as a runnable or zipped file

Sorry about that.

We uploaded a file with postfix "rar" by mistake.

It has been replaced for a zip one.


does anybody still care about this game?  if a creator puts a message or replies i will try it out.

This game was created as a gamejam work.

Glad you are interested in this little game. 

thanks for replying and I just want to say if you did end up persuing this idea (or a different version of it) it would be really cool. I like the "god" position in games, especially when theres little tiny people. I will try out the game later, when I have some extra time.

Thanks for having good ideas and being good at coding.

What about trailer / gameplay video? :)